At Exigent we specialise in designing and building bespoke indoor microwave wireless and outdoor microwave wireless infrastructure and integrating it with your existing high speed networks, giving you unparalleled connectivity across all of your sites nationwide.

Wireless links: Boost productivity and communication 

A high quality wireless network connection within your buildings can give your workforce unrivalled flexibility and convenience. With a wireless network connection your employees are not tied to their desks by cables and wires. They are free to connect securely to your network using any wireless enabled device, wherever they happen to be.

As we all know time is precious in any business, whether it is a small, medium or large organisation. Having a quality wireless networks solution can both increase your company's productivity and improve employee communication due to the flexibility in information sharing that a wireless network provides. With wireless links remote employees will have far greater speed of access to resources such as emails, applications, documents and many other tools that help them in their daily duties. 

Reap the benefits of microwave wireless solutions 

There are a huge amount of benefits to having wireless links in your business:

Better access to information

  • Wireless networks allow an organisation to bring network access to areas that sometimes are more difficult to connect to with a traditional wired network.
  • Access to real-time information instantly 
  • Anywhere in the organisation

Easier network expansion

  • A wireless network connection allows your team to develop and expand with ease. New employees can be swiftly connected to the network.
  • Employees gain instant access to corporate network with a wireless network connection.
  • Connecting personal devices and facilitating the B.Y.O.D model.
  • A wireless network connection facilitates an increased workforce, as you can add users quickly.
  • You can grow your network cost effectively without the effort required to run cables & wire.

Improved flexibility and collaboration

  • With wireless links your business can share files and collaborate effectively across the entire team. A wireless network connection means that your staff are no longer tied to a desktop; meetings and conferences are managed more efficiently as employees have instant access to shared documentation and information.
  • Employees can be potentially more productive as they can work from any convenient location.
  • Freedom to move around the office from desk to desk or meeting room to meeting room.

Enhanced guest access

  •  A wireless network connection facilitates your business to provide secure and safe access to the Internet for guest's users such as customers or business partners. 

As you can see there are many business advantages to deploying a wireless network for your business, and here at Exigent Networks we are delighted to help you with any of your microwave wireless or wifi needs.

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