Wireless: connectivity, anywhere!

At Exigent we specialise in designing and building bespoke indoor Microwave Wireless and outdoor Microwave Wireless infrastructure and integrating it with your existing high speed networks, giving you unparalleled connectivity across all of your sites nationwide.

A high quality Wireless Network Connection within your buildings can give your workforce unrivalled flexibility and convenience. With a Wireless Network Connection your employees are not tied to their desks by cables and wires. They are free to connect securely to your network using any wireless enabled device, wherever they happen to be.

As we all know time is precious in any business be it a small, medium or large organisation. Having quality wireless networks set up can both increase your company's productivity and improve employee communication due to the increase in information sharing that a wireless connection ultimately brings. With Wireless Links employees will have far greater speed of access to things like emails, applications, documents and many other tools that help them in their daily duties. There are a huge amount of benefits to having Wireless Links in your business:

Better access to information

  • Wireless networks allow an organisation to bring network access to areas that sometimes are more difficult to connect to with a traditional wired network.

Faster responses to customers

  • Customers always like their queries dealt with hast. A wireless network can facilitate for such things like an instant chat service where staff can answer customer questions directly

Easier network expansion

  • With wireless you can add a new user to a system very fast. This can be effective for example for training purposes when hiring new employees who will needed to be added to various systems in a company to access certain files for training, and other duties that their role will entail.

Improved flexibility and collaboration

  • Staff who use your wireless network can walk around the office or to different building levels without losing their connection.

For any meetings employees will have instant access to shared documentation which facilitates greater time management during conferences and meetings

Enhanced guest access

  • A wireless network facilitates your business to provide secure and safe access to the Internet for guest's users such as customers or business partners.
  • For example if you have a rating section on your website if you were a restaurant for example, wireless can allow customers to logon to your site as guests and register a rating on what they thought of your restaurant.

As you can see there are huge advantages to going wireless for your business, and here at Exigent Networks we are only too happy to help you with any of your wireless needs.